Video testing samples

Bitrate mentioned is video only. Please test all the features mentioned (switching audio tracks, switching subs) and report back to me in the form of a html table, see my Xoom result below.

FileContainerResolutionCodecEnc optsVideo bitrateAudioSubsNote
Birdsmkv1080ph264high profile 4.140mbpsnonenoneDirect bluray (or hddvd) remux
hddvdmkv1080pvc1ap l318mbpsac3noneDirect hddvd remux
Monstersmkv1080ph264high profile 4.110mbpsdtsUnstyled subsTypical recompressed 1080p
Suzumiyamkv720ph264high profile 5.13mbpsvorbisStyled and unstyled subsCommon anime combination of h264 and vorbis
Matrixmkv480pxvidas l51mbpshe aacForeign subsGood ol' xvid with slightly newer aac
Harry Pottermkv720ph264high profile 3.1600kbpsaac / mp3 dual audiononeHorribly low video bitrate, mostly interesting for the double audio tracks
Planetmkv720ph264high profile 5.16mbpsac3Unstyled subsTypical recompressed 720p
Shrinkagemp4720ph264main profile 3.13mbpsaacnoneCommon h264 web container and settings
Shrinkage 2mkv720ph264main profile 3.13mbpsaacnoneShrinkage remuxed into mkv
Planet 2mp4720ph264high profile 5.16mbpsac3nonePlanet remuxed into mp4



Currently video only, as audio support can be in software, making the player the deciding factor.

Tegra 2Exynos 4210S5PC110
Harry Potter-OKOK
Shrinkage 2-??
Planet 2Choppy??

Intel Atom D525 + Ion2

All features perfect in XBMC on Ubuntu 10.10 using VDPAU video decoding.

Motorola Xoom

VideoStock playerQQPlayer
hddvd-Crashed player
MonstersChoppy video onlyChoppy video, subs ok, no audio
SuzumiyaChoppy video, audio ok, no subsChoppy video, audio ok, no subs
Matrix-Choppy video, audio ok, buggy subs
Harry Potter-Choppy buggy video, both audio tracks ok
Planet-Choppy video, audio ok, subs ok
ShrinkageVideo ok, audio okChoppy video, audio ok
Shrinkage 2-Choppy video, audio ok
Planet 2Choppy video, no audioChoppy video, audio ok

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100

VideoStock player
MonstersVideo ok, no audio, no subs
SuzumiyaVideo ok, no audio, no subs
Harry PotterVideo ok, audio ok, no dual audio
PlanetVideo ok, audio ok, subs?

Samsung Galaxy S i9000

VideoStock playerQQPlayer
hddvd-Choppy video, audio ok
Monsters-Choppy video, no audio, subs ok
SuzumiyaVideo ok, no audio, no subsVideo ok, no audio, no subs
Matrix-Video ok, audio ok
Harry PotterVideo ok, audio ok, no dual audioChoppy video, audio ok
PlanetVideo ok, audio ok, no subsChoppy video, audio ok, subs ok